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10.04.2017_Food Value Chain Seminar


Food Value Chain Seminar,

Havard Style Lecture Theatre 2,

PAPRSB Institute of Health Sciences Extension Building,

Universiti Brunei Darussalam

10 th – 12 th April 2017


The Director of Agriculture and Agrifood, YM Hajah Aidah binti Haji Mohd Hanifah presented certificates of participation to more than 50 students from the local universities and educational institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), officers from government and private sectors, as well as other stakeholders at the closing ceremony of the Food Value Chain Seminar in Brunei Darussalam at PAPRSB Institute of Health Sciences, Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) on 12th April.  The Closing Remarks was delivered by the ASEAN Secretariat representative, Mr. Kenji Yoshida.   


The three day workshop was made possible through the financial support from the ASEAN-Japan Partnership Program under ASEAN –Japan Cooperation Project; the generous efforts of a team of experts from the various renowned Japanese food companies; and the cooperation of the Department of Agriculture and Agrifood, Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism, and the Faculty of Science, Universiti Brunei Darussalam.


During the seminar, participants gained knowledge and Japanese experts shared their experiences on the different stages in the food value chain, from the production, processing, logistics and distribution, retail, marketing and branding, as well as consumer acceptance. Sessions included introduction to various food production technologies, understanding the technical aspects of the technology being utilized towards a quality and safe food product, how to brand a food product and strategies to be used in food marketing.  On the second day of the seminar, a job fair was conducted by a prominent Japanese food company, Yoshinoya, which aims at recruiting potential candidates for their company.  On the final day, participants of the seminar and more so, the Japanese food companies had the opportunity to have an insight of Halal Principles, Halal Certification Procedures and its requirements. 


The Organising Committee of the Seminar conveyed their deepest appreciation to the Government of Japan's support for the development of the local agrifood sector through the seminar whereby the Japanese food experts have made a valuable contribution to the sector and assisted to develop Brunei's local youth capacity in their understanding towards latest technologies utilised in the food industry and therefore, increase Brunei's export potential in the near future .

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